What Gift To Buy A Geek Father

In today’s high tech society dads love the hottest gadgets on the market.  It seems now days you can find just about every store carrying a fill line of micro electronic and computer novelty items that any father with a passion for computers would love.  If you are looking for a unique idea to get for your dad this year consider looking into mini usb flash drivesas the solution to your shopping.  Almost every job today requires some sort of interaction with computers and working dads are usually behind a pc at work and home on a regular basis.  Many companies today don’t allow download to their work computer to prevent viruses from spreading through the network.  Having a usb drive that you can transport data between your work and home pc is almost essential these days.  I for one would love getting a nice high capacity mini storage device like this for fathers day.  They come in many different types from key chains, credit cards and I’ve even seen some that attach to a belt buckle.  If your dad likes novelty electronic gadgets like this you won’t go wrong by wrapping one up for him this fathers day.

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What Was I thinking

Ever have one of those moments when you could just smack yourself in the head with a mallet.  Well I had one last month and have been paying for it ever since.  My son wanted to learn to play an instrument so he could get into the school band.  He had tried playing a trombone when in elementary school and didnt really seem to like it and eventually gave up his career playing instruments.  Now the boy has decided he wants to start all over again and learn to play an electric guitar.  I’m sure this was brought on by his obsession with playing rockband and guitar hero with his friends.  Anyway to make a long story short I decided to give in and let him start playing an instrument again.  This time however instead of going out and buying him a new one we found some nice clearance used instruments online at an ebay store.  He picked out a pretty nice electric guitar, amp and stand for half the price It would have cost me at a local music shop.  Well needless to say once he got that new guitar in his hand he hasnt put it down since.  I’m now dreading the endless screeching and not so musical sounds coming from his room.  Oh well I guess we’ll chalk this one up to another lesson learned the hard way.

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Time To Break Out The Snowboard

Ok now that the winter weather has started blessing us with a little snow I guess its time to break out the snowboard and cross country skis.  My daughter and her boyfriend went to a northern michigan ski resort last weekend and tackled the slopes for the first time this year.  It was my daughter’s first time trying out her luck at snowboarding and she had a ball.  Now she seem’s to think I have to go.  Can you imagine it a 40 year old fat man trying to stand up on a slick snowboard racing down a hill completely out of control. I bet that video will make it too #1 on Youtube.  Anyway I decided I would take her, my wife and other kids out in the next week or so and try our hand at snowboarding.  Back in the day I used to be quite skilled on downhill skis and hopefully this will be like riding a bike.  I’m sure i’ll probably break my leg, arm or other body part but heck why do we have insurance if were not going to use it.   Just to let you know I did go out and buy a cheap burton snowboard off of my favorite auction site and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival.  I figured if I’m going to get killed at least I might as well get killed with my own snowboard.  I’ll update you from the hospital to let you know how my snowboarding adventure goes.

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Belated Happy Holidays

I was on vacation over the holidays and wasn’t able to get this post up any earlier but I hope each of you were able to enjoy the Christmas season to its fullest.  My family and I were able to spend tons of time together, share gifts and visit other family members.  The wife and I didn’t exhange gifts this year as we have some major purchase we need to make this spring.  We plan on building a new deck , getting a hot tub and perhaps do some other landscaping around the yard.  I just wanted to jump in and wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy new year.


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Can’t Wait Until Spring Fishing

Man I hate winter already.  It’s just got started and im already getting the winter blues.  Worst part of this time of year is that I can’t hit my favorite fishing holes.  The bass boat has been put into storage, the rods and reels stored in the garage and now its the waiting game.  I know many up north like to go ice fishing but for the life of me I can’t understand sitting on the ice freezing my tail off to catch a few fish like a polar bear.  With nothing to do I’ve turned my focus to reparing my old rods, reels and lures to get them ready for spring.  Maybe someone will buy me some new fishing gear for Christams, but if not I’m sure I can find some good clearance fishing gear this time of year.   I’ll also spend a lot of time going through my tape library and catching up on all the fishing show’s ive missed over the summer.  I probably have 80 hours of bass fishing show, tournaments and other fishing related videos to watch in my spare time.  Thank god for Tivo and the internet.  Maybe I’ll spend some time planning my fly fishing vacation for next year.


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What Did I Get Myself Into

I went to our local little league association meeting last night to meet with other coaches and parents to discuss this upcoming little league season.  Little did I know that there was going to be an officer’s election taking place.  Somehow I ended up getting voted in as the president of our little league association this year.  After the meeting I met with the previous officers of the little league and was handed an inventory list for all the equipment that our teams have.  It was quite a shock to find out how much of the little league equipment from last year is going to need to be replaced.  Knowing how bad the economy was and how strapped for cash most parents are I started looking at ways to find low cost gear for our teams.  I was pleasantly suprised to find that ebay has tons of baseball bats, softball bats, catchers equipment and little league training equipment listed for sale.  I figured most of it would be used little league bats that parents were selling after kids had out grown them, but there was quite a bit of new items for sale as well.  I did some surfing at the local sporting goods stores and compared the clearance little league equipment they had to the prices on ebay and most of the items on ebay were still less expensive than buying from a retail store.


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What Will Be The Hot Gadget This Christmas

I love to watch ebay for the hot gadgets of the year when they hit the auction block.  Remember “tickle me elmo” and the ridiculous prices people were paying for him because the stores were all sold out.  I remember this one gizmo that was a flash light , I can’t remember its name but it was red and you could bend it and wrap it around things.  While its wasn’t such a hot item on ebay it definitely was selling like hot cakes in the stores.  The last few years ebay has been the place to get all your computer widgets, gaming machine and electronics like playstations, xboxes and the Wii. People were paying ridiculous prices for these types of items well after Christmas just because the manufactures kept demand high by not producing significant enough supplies.  I would just once love to get my hands on a few cases of those dirty blue widgets, or what ever they want to call the gadget just to ebay them and make extra income fast.  Why people insist on spending that type of money for a product that will eventually be readily available in the stores is beyond me.  If anyone has the inside scoop on this years widget that is going to skyrocket in price just shoot me a mail and we’ll all get in on the game.

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Not That Norm – Please Read!!!

Ok I just bought this domain a few weeks back because I wanted to create Norm’s world and explore learning web development and get used to the world of blogging.  There evidentally is a Norm Stulz out there that is a comedian.  I keep getting asked to do shows, perform charity functions and sell CDs, which I would love to do, however, I’m not that Norm.  I’m sorry for the confusion but the previous owner decided not to renew their domain and I will be developing my own blog here.  Those of you looking for the comedian I’m sorry that’s not me.


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What To Buy My Wife

I dread buying gifts for my wife, every Christmas i seem to get it wrong.  This year I’ve taken a differnt approach and started watching the IE history bar to see what type of websites she’s been going too.  Seems she spends a lot of time looking at websites selling coach designer handbags  and several other fairly expensive womens accessories.  Another favorite of hers seems to be a company that makes beaded purses that aren’t quite as expensive as Coach bags but still arent cheap either.  I bet though with the economy the way it is I can find some Mary Frances designer handbas on clearance. If i strick out I may go a completely diffrent route and buy her a used ladies golf club set she’s said for years she wanted to learn how to play.  Any way I go Im sure I wont get her exactly what she wants.  Perhaps the best christmas gift is just to hand her some cash or stick with old standbys like jewelry and furs.

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Christmas Gift For Employees

Its getting close to that time of year again.  I usually by all my employees some sort of gift but each year it gets harder and harder to decide what to buy.  In the past I’ve bought co-workers and employees candy, pen sets, desk sets, office accessories and little odds and ends.   This year I’d like to spend a little more and make it something the will actually remember.  I’ve been considering buying a proof coins set for a commemorative coin set as an alternative to the usual office gift you would receive.  I really like the American Bald Eagle Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar.  It comes in a nice case from the mint and is unbelievably beautiful.  I wonder if buying a proof set for a Christmas gift is the right way to go.  I’ll just have to give it some more thought.   But I did buy my kids each a nice looking American Eagle Gold Set for their stockings.  You can find all types of nice collectible coins directly from the US Mint as well. If coins aren’t to your liking then try to think of something unique to get like books on how to improve your skills to make extra income or something bizarre

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