Time To Break Out The Snowboard

Ok now that the winter weather has started blessing us with a little snow I guess its time to break out the snowboard and cross country skis.  My daughter and her boyfriend went to a northern michigan ski resort last weekend and tackled the slopes for the first time this year.  It was my daughter’s first time trying out her luck at snowboarding and she had a ball.  Now she seem’s to think I have to go.  Can you imagine it a 40 year old fat man trying to stand up on a slick snowboard racing down a hill completely out of control. I bet that video will make it too #1 on Youtube.  Anyway I decided I would take her, my wife and other kids out in the next week or so and try our hand at snowboarding.  Back in the day I used to be quite skilled on downhill skis and hopefully this will be like riding a bike.  I’m sure i’ll probably break my leg, arm or other body part but heck why do we have insurance if were not going to use it.   Just to let you know I did go out and buy a cheap burton snowboard off of my favorite auction site and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival.  I figured if I’m going to get killed at least I might as well get killed with my own snowboard.  I’ll update you from the hospital to let you know how my snowboarding adventure goes.

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Monday, January 12th, 2009 Sports

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  1. Wohoo I just got a snowboard myself for christmas from my husband. I know its early but seems that we’ll be flying out to the slopes for the holidays. Not sure what im looking forward too the most the snowboarding or the time alone without the kids. Anyway heres hoping i dont break a leg

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